uhhh don’t mind my pjs

For Camila aka Gunkiss! She wanted to see pics of her shirts c: (Now I can wear one of my biggest inspirations on tshirts! akshdaksjd) This print looks AMAZING in purple and the shirt is such good quality! Yup looks like I’ll be a regular customer now…ahaha

You guys should check out her Society6 Store! She’s adding prints and new art all the time!
  1. cesarp said: pretty tight!
  2. asyrill said: Cute! And zebra pants <3
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  4. salacia said: Adorable face!
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    Oh Wow! I get the best models haha. It really does look cool in purple and you’re a cutie, thanks for the sweet...
  7. amaipetisu said: It’s a very cute shirt indeed. You look great with long hair, very beautiful ^^
  8. nohetero said: AHHHHH you’re such a cutie
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